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Email marketing is a fantastic communication tool and can be utilised to bring you more business if used and setup properly. An email campaign is where one or more emails are sent to a group of people who have willingly chosen to give you their contact details via an opt in to your email subscription or list.

An effective way to setup this up is to have a series of emails ready to go out one by one at specific intervals after a person signs ups.


  • Money saving benefits – for instance sending electronic communication is much cheaper than sending using traditional post.
  • Saves you valuable time
  • Advanced tracking capabilities allows you to test and tweak your email campaign to compile the best series of emails. We can set this up for you and also manage the on going relationships with your clients freeing up your time to let you do what you do best.
  • Email stats will instantly show you where you can improve your reach to your target audience. For instance, open rates of your emails or e-newsletter, which links may have been clicked and an overall general picture of how well your messages are received.
  • Helps continually build up brand awareness.
  • Regular email communication with your customers enhances customer loyalty and keeps you in the forefront of their minds when they need your service next.
  • Lets you communicate personally and direct with your clients and future potential customers.
  • Your e-newsletter is delivered straight to the inbox of your client, allowing you to push your message to your audience without calling them.
  • Each email message sent from a Campaign can be personalised to each recipient. Sending an electronic-newsletter to Dear John or Jane, reads much better than sending it to Dear madam or Sir.

Email Marketing Strategy

  1. Plan out your email campaign– It is essential to plan your email strategy and campaign well in advance of the newsletter send date.
  2. Create a Marketing Page: The aim of this is to create a focused area or marketing page (referred to as a landing page) for your newsletter campaign. the aim of this page will be to provide valuable information as well as key information of your products and services. The whole point of this is to engage your customers and entice them to leave them email details so you can follow up later. For this we would create mock-up designs and consult with you on your preference. Depending on your type of business, we could even include ‘Add to cart’ or ‘Buy Now’ options so that products or services can be paid for, from the landing page itself.
  3. Sections of newsletter and personalisation: After creating the separate landing page, we would plan out the newsletter section and potential offers you could give. Any discounts of specials would be with your approval and what you feel you would be comfortable with.
  4. Design Newsletter: With content provided from you and now that we have an idea of what sections and offers will go in the newsletter we would go ahead and create mockup designs. If are unsure of what content to provide, we could, as an extra service do that for you also. As part of this newsletter design we would also an unsubscribe option or link to enable anybody who wishes to stop receiving emails to do so, this is part of email compliance regulations.
  5. Test email setup before go live: Once we have finalised these steps and created the newsletter, we will send it to you, the client, for approval. We will also test the email setup so it is ready to go to your customers when we get the green light from you.
  6. Maintenance of email data list: We will maintain your email data list and remove any unsubscribes from your master list and keep a track of the newsletter to ensure it sends successfully and on time.
  7. Schedule your email blast: We can send weekly or monthly newsletters on your behalf and schedule them for you. We find that most of our clients would suffice with a once a month email newsletter.
  8. Repeat and create on-going monthly newsletters: One of the most IMPORTANT things you will find when you start to send out these emails is ‘consistency’. This will speak out about how you are with your customers so it is important that you keep up the newsletters as your customers will become to depend on it. This is where we come in, we’ll help you by creating new newsletters each and every month.

Expected Results

  1. Traffic Increase – With a good e-newsletter marketing campaign you be able to increase to your landing page we setup in addition to your general website.
  2. Brand Popularity – A great aspect of having a newsletter marketing campaign to continue to grow your company brand awareness.
  3. Leads generation – With the increase of traffic and a good landing page, you’ll be generating more leads and referrals than ever before.


  • Give a Clear Call-to-Action in your Email Marketing Campaigns
    Make sure recipients of your email marketing message know what you expect them to do (and what they can expect in return).
  • Always add an easy option or link to ‘Unsubscribe’ from Newsletters
    Unhappy subscribers are far worse than no subscribers. So to keep them happy give them an easy option to unsubscribe.
  • Ensure un-subscriptions are immediately effective
    To not be labelled a spammer, when somebody un-subscribes let them happily go and ensure that their un-subscriptions is carried out immediately.
  • Let your ISP known your Email Marketing
    The connection to your ISP is essential, so when sending out bulk emails either inform them or use a service that already has a known relationship.
  • Ensure landing pages are congruent with your Email Marketing Campaign
    Your landing page is very important and what you display there will entice the user to sign up, so make sure you follow up with a continuous message in your emails.
  • Test your Newsletter with Email Clients
    You should always test out your email newsletter first and gain first feedback from either a small portion of your clients of colleagues, we can help there!
  • Keep your Brand visible in the Subject
    Entice interest in your subject header to make your recipients comfortable with receiving and opening your email messages.