PPC Management (pay per click)

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Paid advertising is by far the fastest way to drive traffic to any website, landing page or any web page on the Internet which could even be your facebook page.

We know how to get the best out of any budget and we work with our clients to set up effective advertising campaigns with facebook or Google to maximise your return. We know how to target and drive traffic to get you more leads, you just need to decide your budget.

Pay per click (PPC)

Pay Per Click, or PPC, is a form of Internet advertising service that can be used on various platforms including search engines, social media networks, advertising networks and content sites such as website blogs, where advertisers agree to pay the host only when their advert is clicked, hence the name pay-per-click. With search engine PPC, the advertisers will normally bid on a keyword phrase or phrases that is relevant to their customer target market. Content websites typically charge a fixed cost per click instead of using a bidding system.

Websites that allow PPC ads will display the relevant ad when a key phrase query matches an advertiser’s keyword list, or when the site itself, displays relevant content to the keywords. These types of advertisements are called sponsored links or sponsored ads, and appear where the host of the site dictates the position of the ads. If these type of ads are used in the search engines then it primarily appears above organic results and to the sidebar areas.

Facebook also do sponsored advertising, however targeting is based on social likes and interests rather than specific keywords chosen.

More Information
Below are the two type of PPC model:

  • Flat-Rate PPC – In a flat-rate PPC model, both advertiser and the publisher will agree on a fixed amount for you to pay for every click.
  • Bid-Based PPC Ads – In this bid-based type of model, the advertiser signs an agreement that permits them to contend with various other advertisers in an exclusive auction held by an publisher or, more commonly known as an advertising network. Each advertising participant will then inform the host of their max amount that she or he is prepared to pay for an given advertisement spot (commonly based on a key phrase), usually doing this via the Internet. The auction continues to play out in an automated style every time a website visitor triggers the advert. Although numerous PPC companies exist, Google AdWords, Microsoft adCenter and Yahoo! Search Advertising are the largest network agents, and also all three work in a bid-based model.
  • Google AdWords – This is Google’s primary advertising product and major source of income (in 2007 made $16.4 billion)[1]. AdWords offer PPC advertising as well as ‘website targeted’ advertising for banner ads and text ads. The AdWords program allows you to cover virtually any location from local to national and even international distribution. The format of Google text adverts is short, with one title and a couple of text lines.
  • Yahoo! Search Advertising – Yahoo! Search Advertising is a form of “Pay each click” or “Sponsored search” marketing solution from Yahoo and is keyword based. Yahoo started delivering this solution after attaining Overture Services, Inc. (formerly Goto.com). Goto.com was an Idealab spin off as well as was the initial provider to effectively provide a pay-for-placement search service following previous attempts that were not very well received.
  • Microsoft AdCenter – The Microsoft adCenter (previously called MSN adCenter), is the part of the Microsoft Network (MSN) that is responsible for the advertising services for MSN. Microsoft adCenter provides pay per click advertisements.

How can we manage PPC for you?
PPC campaign management includes the creation of PPC affiliate programs as well as PPC banners to ensure a big increase in click-through rates and signups.

A pay per click campaign is handled with a four-fold method:

Research for the right keywords: Utilising various SEO tools, the search engine optimiser will prepare a list of keywords and related words that will help in promoting your business, products and services.

Management of PPC bid management: Every company is unique and also consequently requires unique attention. For this it is necessary to bid on keywords that will definitely help in speeding up the company business.

Making the Ad copy: based on your needs, goals and target audience, you will need to have ad copy that will entice visitors, provide specific info and covert your visitors into buyers.

PPC ROI Tracking and Analysis: As the PPC campaign goes on we analyse the response and would be able to show you the on-going results of PPC campaigns and their success.